::||POEM||:: Reflections

by JouvonKingsby

By: Jouvon Kingsby (LOWSKi JoNES)
This is my first poem of 2010…I wrote it this morning
Reflecting on my past
Shedding all the pain
The more I learn
The more I realize
Life is but a dream
People aren’t who they seem
Jesus Christ is King
And never sell your soul for diamonds and rings
We need an end to pride and violence it brings
We’re all part of a plan
This you must understand
A world with everything is like a barren land
I’m like a Grain of Sand…
I’m like a Flying Falcon!
Pristine vision
Able to foresee the outcome
My faith is moving mountains
I’m Like a Rolling Stone
I’m very hard to reach
I’m like a broken phone
When you speak to me you gotta read the undertones
I’m like a Young Simba
I’m destined for the throne…


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