Where I wanna be…

by JouvonKingsby

James Robertson House | Pittwater Bay, Australia

Lets take a trip
around the world
just close your eyes..let
your mind unfurl
over high seas glistening with diamond swirls
twirl and twine
African palm wine
drum beats over fire in the noon time
in due time
we’ll be laying in the moons shine

open eyes
to a new sky
pick a place and fly
where we can run and hide
by my side
as my guide
like im running blind
a solid dash from stress
a solid dash from time

let your worries be broken
and let the freedom soak in
inhale the oceans potion
an unpretentious notion
as i massage you with lotion
in such a soothing motion
you’ve got my mind so focused
you have my eyes so open
my love for you is so strong
its best if shown not spoken
free falling, gliding, coasting
sailing with fate were floating
in a trip to far off lands
viaggiare di notte

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