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September 28, 2010

Tv is terrible

by JouvonKingsby

Why is this on tv right now?

September 14, 2010


by JouvonKingsby


Omega 3
Eggs are dead chickens
Don’t really eat bacon
Although they be finger lickin’
Ill be in the kitchen
Scramblin and mixin’
Like an alchemist
Cookin up my daily nutrition…

September 14, 2010


by JouvonKingsby

Finding inspiration is a tough task for me these days. It was easier when I was free to love and express myself. I feel as if the world around me is supressing my creativity…or im supressing my creativity because of the world around me. I used to write poems and sketch strange pictures…I used to have motivation to go on adventures and explore places people thought of as uninteresting….I miss the beauty. I miss my family………………

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