by JouvonKingsby

WOW!…my dreams are finally starting to take shape….Wine……already in a glass!. IntroDUCING!! *drum roll Quest…quest?..yea drum roll please*…..”Le Froglet”!! A perfect idea Designed by British retailer Marks & Spencer. Available in three flavors (Shiraz, Rose, and Chardonnay) at $5 a glass. The only thing that sucks tho is it’s only available in China and U.K…(greedy asses). I know that dude in front of the 7-11 would be TRIPPIN’ right now like, “might have to mosey my way over to China…yaa mean.” haha
One pro: If you’re broke and need nice glasses…booyaaa!
One Con: It’s ooonly available in China and U.K….GREEDY!….ASS-ES!

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