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April 18, 2010

::||ARTbreak||:: Chloe Early

by JouvonKingsby

I Stumbled upon This artwork by Chloe Early on I love how indecisive her work is. It reminds me of life…dreaming wide awake…

February 11, 2010

::||ARTbreak||:: Mike Johansson

by JouvonKingsby

I know a few people who need to meet this dude….Mike Johansson

January 27, 2010


by JouvonKingsby

Meghan Paterson…see more HERE

December 13, 2009


by JouvonKingsby


Section II, 2007, by Bas Princen

Mokattam ridge (garbage city) Cairo, 2009, by Bas Princen

Valley (China), 2008, by Bas Princen
to the Van Kranendonk Gallery website

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