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January 15, 2010

They Sold Their Souls…WAKE UP!

by JouvonKingsby

Undeniable proof…They Sold Their Souls to Deceive YOU!!…WAKE UP!!!


The deception getting exposed only means the deception will get better…keep your eyes open…::||GODbless||::::||LOWSKi||::

January 1, 2010

Why is Black Hollywood looking so satanic right now???

by JouvonKingsby
September 29, 2009


by JouvonKingsby

You sold your soul for riches….

An interesting article about jay-Z

Click the pic

September 16, 2009

MTV Satanic Worship

by JouvonKingsby


Read this article

September 4, 2009

Jay-Z Deception

by JouvonKingsby
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